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Tammy Fender believes in approaching beauty holistically. Her spa and skincare products are sold out months ahead of time as people can’t get enough of the pure botanicals-based skincare products which reveal your beauty while also lifting your mood.


Tammy Fender products are luxuriously clean, using only high-quality ingredients derived from plants and essential oils. She says:

“I’m really drawn to the living-most part of the plant or the life force, the energy and the vibration. I always recognize that all living things or all living cells have a consciousness. There is a direct correlation between man and plant. We recognize plant as our food source, we recognize it as our source of medicine. When we start to talk about the plants and the way that they work in skin care, the oils are highly volatile and they are very easily absorbed into the tissue. Not only is it good for taking things internally, but when they are applied to the skin these oils can be penetrated into a cellular level and traced into the blood and urine systems in, like, 20 minutes. If we are talking about vibrations, they only carry a positive vibration and they are a natural source of a nutrient supply. All cells need nutrients and oxygen to thrive, so plants are a natural form of caring for the skin.”


Tammy uses Helichrysum a lot in her products. It’s a very healing plant which helps tighten connective tissue and also contains natural sleeping aides. She also likes to use Neroli and Orange which, in addition to their amazing skincare benefits, are considered anti-depressants.



 An award-winning facial-in-a-jar, this ultimate multi-tasker merits a permanent place in every beauty routine. Pure Moroccan Rosemary, Far West Native Spearmint and purifying clay are the active constituents in this advanced tri-purpose micro-exfoliating mask and peel. Gently and efficiently, this revitalizing and oxygenating formula removes the accumulation of dead surface cells, refines the pores and eliminates impurities, as it brightens and polishes the skin. Beneficial for all skin types; with the exception of pustular acne and sun burned skins.


Antioxidant Creme

A skin perfecting pick-me-up with instant results, this free-radical fighting multi-vitamin-in-a-jar is a favorite must-have among celebrity devotees. At a glance:

• Rebuilds each skin cell

• Significantly improves suppleness

• Protects against free radicals & environmental stresses


Physical Benefits

This multi-vitamin-in-a-jar is prized for its nourishing, antioxidant and collagen-stimulating benefits. Neroli helps heal scar tissue, improve elasticity and balance overactive sebum. Calming and grounding, sweet orange enhances the skin’s immunity and hydration while plant butters moisturize and naturally filter UV light.


Emotional & Spiritual Benefits

Renewing a sense of overall well-being. Lavender Flowers: balancing and anti-inflammatory; regenerates healthy new skin cells, soothes acne, promotes cell growth to minimize scaring and regulates sebum production; healing, cleansing and detoxifying. Provides cells with new energy, gentle antiseptic for acne, burns, scars and open wounds.


Intensive Repair Balm

Acclaimed around the globe, this is Tammy Fender’s best selling and most requested miracle crème. Helichrysum is prized for its extraordinary healing ability and unique in its combined medicinal and psychological actions, making it one of nature’s most valuable substances.


At a Glance

• Supplies mega dose of essential healing nutrients

• Promotes intense hydration

• Increases circulation to speed up the healing process

• Tightens connective tissue

• Calms & nourishes inflamed skin


Physical Benefits

A powerful cell regenerating, pain reducing, anti-inflammatory healing crème. This revolutionary balm has a remarkable ability to repair tissue damage and assist in the healing of surgical and acne scars; aids in reducing tissue pain, redness of the skin, and skin discoloration. Strengthens weakened capillaries and fades under eye circles. Stimulates new cell growth, increases elasticity, and tightens the connective tissue, simultaneously serving as a moisture barrier.


Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil


This incredible aromatic beauty staple is a must-have favorite, delivering nourished, supple and hydrated skin. The healing benefits of Bulgarian Lavender are so versatile that it is considered a "cure all". The aromatic essence is so exquisite it immediately gives a sense of overall calmness and well-being.

At a Glance

• Calms & soothes vital Qi energy

• Hydrates thirsty skin

• Improves suppleness, resiliency & tone

• Soothes nervous system

• Filters 25% of UV rays


Physical Benefits

The beautifying, rejuvenating, calming and soothing properties of Bulgarian Lavender blended with a synergy of nature’s finest nutrient oils seep deep into the skin; nourishing, protecting and increasing the flow of oxygen to the cells.


Cleansing Milk


This legendary cleanser has inspired a dedicated following of Tammy Fender devotees. Derived from the Latin word, lavere meaning "to wash," Bulgarian Lavender has long been prized for its antiseptic and healing qualities.

Physical Benefits - This gentle and refreshing cleansing milk combines the soothing qualities of Lavender and the purifying properties of Fo-Ti to effectively cleanse and decongest the skin while promoting the circulation of chi (energy), leaving the complexion soft and radiant.

Emotional & Spiritual Benefits - Bringing lightness to the spirit and clarity to the mind.