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A successful model, actress and musician who is deeply passionate about wellness and yoga.

A highly sought-after teacher

02. Rajshree Patel

A highly sought-after teacher in the field of personal and spiritual development in over 35 countries.

A trained Ayurveda doctor and Academy Director of the Kerala Ayurveda Academy in California.

Physician board certified

04. Dr Lauri Tadlock

A physician board-certified in dermatology, in private practice in general dermatology for over 20 years.

The beauty expert to whom A-list celebrities entrust their faces for her natural and effective approach.

Ceo at allure cosmetics

06. Sam Dhatt

The founder and CEO at Allure Cosmetics, Inc., a company known for innovative anti-aging products.

The co-founder and co-president of Tracie Martyn, the first luxury natural skin care brand.

A board-certified medical doctor

08. Jacqueline Schaffer

A board-certified medical doctor, the founder of Schique Beauty, and the author of “Irresistible You”.